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   Note Cards



                                 Customized Note Cards

Giclée Printing

Recently, Giclée printing has become a highly visible and rapidly growing segment of the fine art and photography world.  In the art publishing field, inkjet prints are referred to as "giclée" prints. Giclée (pronounced "jhee-clay") is a French word that means "squirt or spurt". This is a highly specialized process whereby digitally controlled inkjet nozzles precisely squirt millions of microscopic droplets of ink onto the paper to create a stunningly beautiful image.

Our note cards feature a custom design with a white background and come with matching envelopes. Each 4¼ by 5½ card is printed on a high quality card stock from hand painted original designs, which we scan and then output to a high-resolution printer. The resulting Giclée print is both vibrant and colorful, while maintaining consistent quality and affordability!

We now offer a line of cards we call Brushworks Expressions that feature some of our most popular artwork along with simple expressions on the bottom of the card that can help add that extra something special to your notes!


  • Personal Stationery
  • Unique Gifts
  • Business Communications

Pricing for Cards or Expressions            




Set of 2 w/envelopes sku-C02 $4.95
Set of 4 w/envelopes sku-C04 $6.95
Set of 6 w/envelopes sku-C06 $9.95
Set of 8 w/envelopes sku-C08 $12.95

Please Note:  Cards must be ordered in multiples of two.

Pricing for Invitations

Description SKU #


Set of 8 w/envelopes sku-I08 $9.95

Please Note:  Add $2.75 to all orders for shipping and handling on orders up to $30

                              Add an additional .75 for each $10.00 over $30. For example:

                              On orders $30.01 - $40.00 add .75 for a total of $3.50.

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