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    Blue and      White      Daisies

     Holly     Hearts      2007

Twin Hearts    on Holly     Green

  Autumn Umber        on Pine

       Blue      Daisies

       Twin   Butterflies

       Blue   Butterflies

      Purple      Passion

     Simply      Cherry

      Pine &       Green

 Snowy Pine   and Green

 Daisies and      Green

     Blooming        Roses

 Lupines and     Daisies

 Blue Berries

    Fall Gold

     Spring      Daisies

  Strawberry       Delight

     Wine    Striped     Pansies

      Pink    Daisies

     Heart &  Purple Flower

 Heart and       Pine

     Bavarian        Heart

     Valentine        Hearts

      Mauve       Heart

       Nordic        Gold and    Grey Heart

Nordic Red and   Grey Heart

   Nordic Blue        Heart

      Nordic        Silver      Dangling        Heart

 Nordic Blue   and Yellow      Heart

    Nordic   Fireworks

  Heart and Blue       Daisies

    Blue Pansies

    Purple and       Yellow       Pansies

     Twin   Daisies on Purple Lilacs

Green and    White    Leaves

  Twin Cherries

  Blue and     Yellow     Clover     Hearts

  Fiery Fall       Red

     Fall Fire

   Holly Bow

  Snowy Pine &   Green 2005

Snow Flakes     on Blue      Wash

     White  Daisies on  Blue Wash

 Brushworks Expressions

    Valentine    Pink Clover      Hearts

   Valentine    Pink Twin     Hearts

   Valentine Pink & Purple Twin Hearts

   Valentine Hearts 2010

  Daisies &     Green Thinking of       You

  Echinacea Thinking of       You

    Purple     Passion   Thank You

    Simply     Cherry  Thank You

   Heart on      Green   Velkommen

   Heart on      Green    Takke du

   Heart on      Green    Välkomna

  Heart on     Green    Tacka du

Dove Shanah      Tovah

   Echinacea     Get Well

   Echinacea      Shalom

   Pine and      Green   Thank You

    Fall Fire       Happy Thanksgiving

      Daisies &         Green Congratulations

   Heart on      Green   Thankyou

     Merry   Christmas      Tree

  Pumpkin on     Pine Fall    Greetings

   Bloom and      Prosper


Brushworks Watercolor Impressions   

     Lemon      Lovely

    Fushia       Fire

  Purple and      Yellow     Orchids

   Summer    Daffodil


Brushworks Invitations

  Fall Fire &        Pine

   Pumpkin &        Pine

     Summer      Berries


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